Made to order, the smart way.

Whether the goal is to create a sense of identity or to simply add a personal touch, the act of personalization is as much in demand as the products and experiences it helps make unique.

A growing trend

In 2015, just one in six consumers have ever bought a personalized product or service.

Today, at least one in four Americans say they have personalized a product either for themselves or someone else.


of Americans have personalized apparel or footwear


say they would pay more to personalize apparel and footwear


say personalization is a TOP interest for them


say they personalize their clothes just for fun

Why personalize?

To design a product to meet a specific need
(types of materials, shape, size, duration)
To identify a product as “belonging to me”
To design something just for fun
To feel pride in creating/designing something
To demonstrate creativity
To stand out from other people

Why not?

If you think it is hard it is because you have not tried us.
See your own, test out our designer with some of these products:

Who personalizes?

Personalizers are generally a younger group of consumers who tend to pursue higher education and have discretionary money to spend.




Highly educated


$1000 or more of monthly disposable income